Craig Koski - PhotoArt
Craig's photography interests have always been to capture emotion in any image that he takes. Whether it be landscape, architecture or portraits, he tries to bring out the emotion from the viewer.
Craig has always been interested in photography but when the digital age and Photoshop came along there was a brand new path to go down. Being able to take an image in the digital format and then transform it into a piece of wall art was an exciting challenge that Craig took head on.
With his PhotoArt, Craig specializes in combining digital photography with post processing artwork. 
           PhotoArt is the technique of going beyond digital photography. It is in the post processing where he infuses the image with the artwork that, in his mind, transforms the piece into the vision that he "feels". This is where he wants the artwork to be. 
Craig also enjoys traveling out to well known landmarks such as Yosemite to capture the beauty of what Mother Nature brings. On a recent trip to capture Firefalls on El Capitan, he had to "claim his spot" at 10am due to the huge amount of photographers that were expected, to be able to shoot this spectacular sight at 5:30 pm. Over 7 hours of sitting in one spot to capture two minutes of images. Patience is a virtue when it come to getting the "right shot'.
Living in the Placerville area for 59 years Craig has been able to soak in the historic feeling that Downtown Main Street brings. "Strolling the sidewalks and being that close to the history of this town is something that I try to capture in my images. It is also inspiring to be in a gallery where the building was constructed over 150 years ago. If only the walls could talk!"
"Displaying my work at Gold Country Artists Gallery in Placerville is a real treasure. Being surrounded by almost 50 very talented artists gives me inspiration to always push to take my work to the next level."
You can also see Craig's artwork on the sides of the El Dorado Disposal Recycle trucks between El Dorado Hills and Camino, as five of his images were used as vinyl wraps to display his artwork on wheels.
Craig's unique style of work has brought him many awards from the local art associations.
For further information on Craig's work, please contact him at

                                 Ph.  530-306-3515 /                                                       

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